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Tumbled Stones Each


Dalmation Jasper

This stone Help with  telepathic communication with animals.

Perfect stone to have when you need help to view your own strengths and weaknesses. This form of Jasper also helps to keep you grounded to the Earth. Wonderful gift for a friend or family member as it also represents loyalty and long term relationship.

Protection amulet for those who suffer from nightmares, negative thinking, depression and also helpful in keeping one relaxed and in good spirits.

A calming stone that helps to strengthen family loyalties and give you the ability to sense who is a true friend and to see through scams.

It also encourages working with others and unity when working with animals. Best Stone for those who are working in the fields of veterinary or animal Care.


Red Jasper

1st Chakra (Root): RED

Red Jasper is generally thought to be one of the best stones for connecting with the deep, stabilising energies of the earth. It relates to the emotions.Red Jasper helps with the sense of smell and promotes physical energy.

A strong protection gemstone, and protects against hazards of the night. It gives stability and is a securing stone.

Also helps balance the energy in all your chakras.



Mookaite Jasper (aka Mookite or Moukaite)

Helps with decision making, shields against negative or dangerous situations also helps with emotional growth. Helps with kindness to ourselves as well as others.

Provides flexibility and openness in our opinions and faithfulness in promises. Promotes energy and new ideas, helping us gain enthusiasm to bring the excellence of ourselves.

It can help remove things that may slow our growth. It is an excellent stone of shielding, even during combat, brings well being to our body. Helps with contacting those that have passed on, both human and animals. Helps eliminate distractions and revealing what is concealed.

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