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Cleaning Crystals

  Cleaning your Crystals on a regular basic

Before the use of your Crystals you will need to cleans them from all the other energies from where it came from.

Depending on the practical use of your crystals there are certain times to cleans them. You will know!

Crystals that sit pretty in your homes only need to be cleaned once every couple of months....

Crystals you use alone daily need to be purified once a week giving them back energy ready for another day....

But if using them on other people, please cleans them after every use as you don't want unwanted energies from other people coming through to you or other clients.

Don't forget about you. After cleansing others. As it’s a big job, that you take time out and cleans yourself wether you get someone professional to do it or self healing!

Sunlight Place your Crystals in the warm light so the Sunlight burns the negative energies away do this for up to 4hours.

Night Bury your Gemstones or Crystals back to where they know into the rich moist soil to be recharged cover them with a clean cloth and place them in the ground make it a spot where you feel comfortable for leaving it overnight. Leave it from when you go to bed then retrieve them after breakfast as you also need to be energized to receive them.

Sea Salt can be great for cleaning your Gemstones or Crystals all you have to do is put the sea salt in some warm purified water and leave for up to 4hours but you will know when they are ready as they will call you. Then once you get back to them rinse them of with cool  water to remove any salt from them.

Always  change the water for the next clean as you don't want you good work from your first clean to come on the next batch.

Don't soak Porous Stone- Lapis, Opal ect.

Smudging is another way for getting rid of negative energies holding your stones and smudging them with Incense of White Sage or Sandalwood are a few good ones to use. so flow your Stones over the Incense for a few mins until your satisfied.

Or sit your Crystal on a large Crystal Cluster near your incense then you don't have to be close to the smudging Incense and the Crystal get a double impact of cleansing they will love you for it and you will love getting back to them leave them throughout the day its a great way to still have them around.






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