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Dr. Andrew Weil, Kimba Arem (Vibrational Sound Healing)



*0400 285 270*

Over the past 15yrs I have evolved my understanding of the universal need for CONNECTION....

As an intuitive Spiritual Consultant and Light Worker My goal is to empower people by providing them with knowledge and understanding, so they can make the best choices for moving forward in their daily lives. Giving Clarity and Peace of Mind.

My Universal Mission is to give Self-Awareness and Self-Empowerment to those who are seeking to Learn Lesson's, Understand and Clear any Cycles of Generational or Past Life Patterns, Beliefs that are no longer needed in your life's SOUL GROWTH, Law of Attraction!.

Opening up Universal Vibrations to Activate the Mind Body Soul to an Up Lifting FREQUENCY. Connecting through Energies, Guides, Angels, Arch Angels, Animals & Universal Source.

I work with a number of different styles from AURA/CHAKRA'S  to AUDIO CRYSTAL SOUND THERAPY also RELAXATION MEDITATION to Relax, Release, Restore, Renew Headaches, Insomnia, Anxiety, Fears.While lifting the vibrational frequency of your DNA, Rejuvenating Comforting, Nurturing you, Mentally/Physically by Releasing any Tension and Stress you may feel in Relationships, Work and Personal Connection. I Also use CRYSTALS / TAROT / ORACLE CARDS and much more.

Remember every one is different!

Client's are to seek further Professional Medical Advice to Address any Personal Health Concerns as I am not a Doctor.

It can take up to 21-40 times to break or transform one belief into another Remember to 
              Identifying it, Acknowledging it, Accepting it, Release it into       


Don't run on Autopilot lets bring you Back to an Enlightened State of Awareness!

All Readings/ Healing Effects are only a Guide. Remember the Rest is up to YOU!



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