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I want to thank everyone that has come to me for readings, as you all know my passion and love is being their for you all through some hard and uncertan, times and I want to Thank you for choosing me to give insight and understanding.. NAMASTE!

'' I've been working with Sashra Spiritual Gifts for over 2yrs now and my journey has been extraordinary. Kylie not only provides me with readings but has become a real spiritual guide and helps me on so many levels.
As an Executive Manager I was neglecting an essential part of myself in Mind, Body, Spirit equation and that was my Spirit. I am enjoying the benefits of discovering this hidden part of me and it is infinitely powerful and very exciting."
Melissa  2012-2014

Hi Kylie just giving you some feedback on a reading you did for me  and something you said about my son. If you remember we were about to invest in a backpakers on an Island for our son, you advised against it at the time. However the process had started so probably too late to reneg. Anyway 5 days of him signing (after several delays in the contract ) a fire burned 3 businesses adjacent to his and maybe a third of his backpackers. How Bizarre!
Kerri  2014

I received a card with this quote "A JOURNEY of a thousand miles begins with a single step" and written inside read:  Dear Kylie Thank you so much for getting me back on my "Journey". I'm so grateful  for having you there to guide me along the way.
Marilyn 2014

to be continued...................

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